Permission to Reproduce Figures and Extracts

         •  The  permission  to  reproduce  copyright  materials  for  print  and  online  publication  in perpetuity must be obtained from the rights-holder and, if necessary, paid for by authors, the written evidence of which must be made available to the editors.

         •  In the case of a copyrighted prose work, the editors recommend that permission be obtained for the use of extracts exceeding 400 words, a series of extracts totalling more than  800  words,  of  which  any  one  extract  is  more  than  300  words,  or  an  extract comprising one-quarter of the work or more.  In the case of poetry, permission should be obtained for the use of an extract exceeding 40 lines; a series of extracts totalling more than 40 lines, or an extract comprising one-quarter or more of a complete poem.

         •  The editors can offer information and documentation to assist authors in securing the print and online permissions.  If this is necessary, authors should contact the editors.

         •  Authors must include acknowledgments as required by the particular institutions.